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When a company or product is so well known that it can buy 10-second TV spots and have no problem being recognized, that's possibly the ultimate in branding. But, unless you're truly a world-famous name, we recommend you brand your business or nonprofit with a unified look: Use appealing and distinctive logos, graphic designs, and colors that work in all media a logo has to work equally well on a small portion of your business card and on a 40-foot billboard.

But, beautiful materials will be pointless unless you also provide years of good service and quality work. That's what branding is really about, yet too many people focus on the visible and not the vision.

We work with brand-new companies (pun intended) to help develop and maintain their image, advising them how best to reflect their mission or their product, and with those who realize it's time or past time to put a fresh, but still-recognizable face on what they have to offer.

PSRB logo Achieve logoAchieve logo

Sometimes, a dramatic redesign is the best choice for a new logo, especially when companies merge, add new divisions that diversify their product offerings, or change their mission. But, much of the time, the recommended logo revisions reflect a gradual change of the identifier that appears on collateral materials, on the website, and in print and TV advertisements. 

The evolution in our own logos, shown below, is an example of “freshening” our look, without a total re-do of the basic design and wording.

We also decided to choose a logo that did not require color, to keep our costs down; yet it is distinctive on a white background. And, the second and third versions are aesthetically pleasing, on collateral materials or ads, when they are surrounded by a contrasting solid block of green.

SCO old logo SCO old logo SCO new logo
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